Brooke Cordelia spent her entire childhood swimming in the polluted waters of the Anacostia River in Maryland. As a child, she lived with her mother, who struggled to support them, and spent most of her time alone exploring the Anacostia. One day, when Brooke was 18 years old, she went exploring along the riverbank. While she was walking she was suddenly swept into the river after the land below her eroded away. She was fighting for her life under the heavily polluted water, when all of a sudden her hands became webbed, her neck produced gills, and she realized she could breathe underwater. After years of swimming in the river, Brooke had developed radioactive mercury poisoning from the coal power plant a few miles upstream from her home. While Brooke was drowning in the river, her powers were activated. 

After her transformation, Brooke Cordelia became Lady Toxitide. A superhero devoted to reversing the pollution crisis in America and educating the public on the dangers of over-development around water sources. Lady Toxitide has the ability to breathe underwater, communicate with marine animals, manipulate and control water, and clean the polluted water she swims in by absorbing toxins into her body. After absorbing the toxins, she can turn them into wind and solar energy sources. Toxitide builds up sources of alternative energy through force fields with her hands. She uses these force fields to help power small areas with safe energy. The force fields also give Lady Toxitide extra help picking up the trash and pollution she finds while swimming in the Anacostia. By communicating with animals living in the river she is able to find the most polluted areas. Toxitide uses her powers to help heal polluted fish by absorbing their toxins, therefore making them safe for human consumption. 

Lady Toxitide works closely with the Earth Conservation Corps, ECC, to protect the Anacostia River and to further promote their cause. The goal of the ECC is to improve river environments through education and direct service. Toxitide uses her ability to control water to temporarily change the direction of rivers and build ice blockades to clear riverbeds to help the ECC volunteers pick up trash along the Anacostia safely. She also travels to schools to educate young people on the dangers of environmental pollution. She creates awareness by demonstrating how her powers help turn polluted waterways and fish into clean ecosystems. Toxitide is helpful in recruiting young volunteers to the ECC, therefore making the Anacostia River healthier for everyone. Lady Toxitide fights because anyone else who would have fallen into the river on that fateful day would have died, she sees pollution as one of the biggest crisis’ in American. It is her duty to protect innocent civilians from the dangers of river pollution which contaminate water supplies, swimming areas, and food supplies.